Dr. Steven McKee

President, Labtech International Limited


Dr. McKee is the President and founder of Labtech International, which addresses the needs of technology education around the world. He is also on the governing executive council of World Didac (the largest international education industry association) Founded in 1985, Labtech is perhaps the oldest and certainly one of the largest technical education training systems designers and manufacturers in Asia. Labtech is renowned for its educational innovation and has placed it's training systems in thousands of schools in over 75 countries. 

Labtech’s latest work is in pioneering the intersection of digital learning and 21st century skills with Vocational Technical Education. This area has a great potential to improve the dynamics of teaching and learning for skills as well as reducing the cost of TVET education around the world by virtualizing part of the learning process. Labtech's "Virtual TVET" approach has the potential to improve the dynamics of learning and to lower the costs tremendously for technical and vocational education. This approach uses 3D modeling, simulation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in a blended learning mix. Dr. McKee has worked in international educational development for forty years and has published many articles on educational development, 21st century Learning, teaching and innovation in various academic and educational publications. Labtech is an appointed collaboration partner for ISTE in S.E. Asia and he is also an advisor to several governments on implementation of new ICT programs.

Dr McKee’s new areas of interest are:

1 Technology and globalisation and its effect on industry and the job market.

2 Cross cultural learning and perception differences (how people learn differentlyacross the globe)

3 Increasing productivity in education. (through better teaching and use of technology)

4 Impact of technology on learning (How will this change education,its structure and delivery)

5 Industry 4.0, AI and Robots and its impact on society, work, learning and health.