Our Activities

  1. National convention in every three year interval.
  2. Establishment of SAARC Diploma Engineers Forum (SDEF) country office Nepal.
  3. Social welfare activities like awareness raising, drinking water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS and earthquake preparedness.
  4. Sewerage Management in Kathmandu in co-operation with Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (RONAST).
  5. Renovation of the Kathmandu Model Hospital in collaboration with public health concern Trust (PHECT) Nepal 1993.
  6. Workshop on housing problem and solutions in urban area- 1987.
  7. Seminar on Mid-Level Engineering Professionals present status and problem on carrier development -1988.
  8. Seminar on Technology and Technicians in the fulfillment of basic needs-1988.
  9. Seminar on nation future plan and Engineering Professionals-1988.
  10. Seminar on present status of Diploma Engineers working in private firm-1990.
  11. Workshop on problems on carrier Development for mid-level Engineering Professionals and alternative way to solution-1990.
  12. Seminar on Technological Profession in change context-1991.
  13. Seminar on Appropriate Technology for the environmental management of Kathmandu valley-1993.
  14. Seminar on Career development of Diploma Engineers-1995.
  15. Seminar on Technical Education and career Development-1997.
  16. Seminar on Rural Development and Self Reliance program: Role of Mid-Level Engineering Professionals-1997.
  17. Seminar on Engineering Council Act in Nepal- 1998.
  18. SAARC seminar on Role of Engineering Professionals in the New Millenium-2000.
  19. International Seminar on Ethics and morality of professional-2000.
  20. Training on Earth Quake safety-2001.
  21. Training on construction project management-2002.
  22. Seminar on Role of Engineering Professionals for Poverty Alleviation and Engineering Council Act-2002.
  23. International Seminar on the challenges of engineering profession in Poverty Alleviation-2003.
  24. Seminar on the role of Engineering Professionals for peace and Poverty alleviation- 2005.
  25. Seminar on the role and challenges of professional women in present conrtext-2006.
  26. Seminar on Water and Culture on the occasion of world water day-2006.
  27. Seminar on the role and challenges of Professionals woman and social inclusion-2006.
  28. Seminar on the role of Engineering Professionals Rural Reconstructing and Rehabilitation for new Neapl-2007.
  29. Seminar on Need of community based Infrastructure- A way forward to new Nepal-2008.
  30. International Seminar on Local Infrastructure Development: Challengesand Opportunities- 2009.
  31. Seminar on Disaster Management- 2009.
  32. Seminar on the Role of Professional Women in New Nepal Building and Its Intent in SAARC Region- 2010.
  33. International Conference on Climate Change and its Impact on Local Infrastructure Development- 2010.
  34. National Seminar on Climate Change and Its Effect on Hydro Power- 2010.
  35. National Seminar on Development of Green Infrastructure:  Challenges and Opportunities-2011
  36. Seminar on Quality Control in Local Infrastructure Development: Challanges for Nation Buildings-2011
  37. Training on Total Station-2011
  38. National Seminar on Green Economy and Its Impact on sustainable Local Development-2012
  39. Seminar on Professional and Life style-2012.
  40. National Seminar on Engineering Management and Its Importance in Nation Building-2014.
  41. International Seminar/Regional Conference on Infrastructure for Economic Development-2015.
  42. National conference on Go wild for life-2016