Welcome to Diploma Engineers Association, Nepal

Diploma Engineers Association Nepal Acronym (DEAN) is formed as a common, technology oriented and non-profitable organization. It was established in 1980 and registered in Kathmandu District Administration Office. Its Registration no is 33/046/47. To make Diploma Engineers capable and active in nation building and to supplement Diploma Engineers with high moral and protect their professional rights. DEAN represents about 25000 Diploma Engineers. It has already completed its 13th National Convention.

Infrastructure development program is one of the elements of sustainable development in this era of science and technology. It is necessary to make Engineering services deliver everywhere simple effective, participatory and practical in order to enhance the development efforts in our country in the world.

Diploma Engineers' Association Nepal (DEAN) is a leading Engineering Professional Organization in Nepal. It is one of the active member of SAARC Diploma Engineers Forum (SDEF) and Mid Level Engineers Forum of Asia and the Pacific countries (MEFAP). DEAN is developing the partnership with all development partners and conducting several programs for to empower and develop skill to its member.


To be active in order to achieve and protect the rights of all Diploma Engineers working throughout the country.

  1. To be active in developing inexpensive and available type of recent engineering technology.
  2. To enhance nation building task actively by maintaining cordial and co-operative relationship with different engineering sectors.
  3. To be committed in protecting the national independence, unity, sovereignty and democracy by enhancing the feeling of nationality among diploma engineers.
  4. To develop research based engineering knowledge and be active in omni-direction at development of engineering professionals.
  5. To be aware in making engineers professionals responsible to their professional ethics.
  6. To protect professional rights of all the members organized under the umbrella of DEAN.
  7. To engage in social welfare activities.